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The Gupta Empire and Hinduism
India's so-called Dark Age -- from 185 BCE to CE 300 -- was not dark regarding trade. Disintegration of the Mauryan Empire and the invasions were mitigated by a continuing trade in which Indians sold more to the Roman Empire than they bought, with Roman coins piling up in India

South Indian Temple Architecture
Architecture found in Ancient Indian Temples showcases the country's old, rich and splendid culture

The Maurya Empire and a Dark Age
Information on Chandragupta, the emperor and Martyr and the Buddhist Emperor, Ashoka..

Hindu Epic Literature
Eventually, Hindus followed the impulse that had appeared among the Sumerians and others and they wrote poetic stories that focused on the power of the gods. These Hindu stories were written to create ideals for people to follow. The better known of these are poems called the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

The Culture of Ancient India..

Ancient India and Hinduism to 1000 BCE
Sometime around 6000 BCE a nomadic herding people settled into villages in the Mountainous region just west of the Indus River. There they grew barley and wheat using sickles with flint blades, and they lived in small houses built with adobe bricks.

The Gods Of Indian Mythology
The Hindu Gods are much larger than life.

Indus Valley: Contents
The Indus Valley civilization flourished around 2,500 B.C. in the western part of South Asia, in what today is Pakistan and western India. It is often referred to as Harappan Civilization after its first discovered city, Harappa.


Pictures of Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Egypt Clipart

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