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First Thanksgiving Lessons for grades 6-8
Teach students of middle school about the experiences of the Pilgrims and Wampanoags during the first Thanksgiving with these great lesson plans.

First Thanksgiving Lessons for Grades 3-5
Great lesson plans for kids in the last years of elementary.

An Active Thanksgiving
Get active with these Thanksgiving printables, learn more about America's holiday and get creative with the Teachers Vison activities for Thanksgiving.

Activity Idea Place: Thanksgiving games, songs, art and more for preschool child
Over 40 activities to help celebrate Thanksgiving with your preschool children or toddlers. Art, math, science, games and songs.

All About Thanksgiving for Kids and Teachers
Thanksgiving Facts and Activities

Thanksgiving Links - Debbie's Unit Factory
Come and celebrate Thanksgiving with us. You will find lesson plans, arts & crafts and many links.

Online NewsHour Thanksgiving Special, November, 1996

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