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George DeMestral invented velcro.

Philo Taylor Farnsworth
Philo Taylor Farnsworth's electronic inventions took all of the moving parts out of televisions and made possible today's TV industry, the TV shots from the moon, and satellite pictures.

Charles Stark Draper
He developed gyroscope systems that stabilized and balanced gunsights and bombsights.

Inventor Frank Lloyd Wright
Fascinating facts about Frank Lloyd Wright inventor of modern architecture in 1893.

Inventor Nikola Tesla - Electric Power
Fascinating facts about Nikola Tesla inventor of AC Electric Power in 1888.

Robert S. Ledley
Robert S. Ledley invented the whole-body CT diagnostic X-ray scanner.

Marvin Camras
Method and Means of Magnetic Recording

An Wang
An Wang made many notable contributions to the advancement of computer technology, including the magnetic pulse controlling device, the principle upon which magnetic core memory is based.

Inventor Percy L. Spencer
Fascinating facts about Percy L. Spencer inventor of the Microwave Oven in 1954.

Inventor Marion Donovan
Fascinating facts about Marion Donovan inventor of Disposable Diapers in 1946.

Elisha Graves Otis
Elisha Graves Otis didn't invent the elevator, he invented something perhaps more important-the elevator brake-which made skyscrapers a practical reality.

Vladimir Kosma Zworykin
1929 Russian inventor Vladimir Kosma Zworykin was demonstrating a system with all the features of modern picture tubes.

Invention of the Rubik's Cube
Fascinating facts about the inventor of the Rubik's Cube by Erno Rubik in 1974.

Louis Marius Moyroud
Louis Marius Moyroud and Rene Alphonse Higonnet developed the first practical phototypesetting machine.

Invention of the Refrigerator
Fascinating facts about the invention of  the REFRIGERATOR by inventors Ferdinand Carre, Raoul Pictet, and Karl von Linde..

Invention of Christmas Tree Lights
Fascinating facts about the invention of Christmas Tree Lights by Albert Sadacca in 1917.

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